My Autobiography

Hello! I already told you a little bit about my life in a “Welcome to My Blog” post, but here are some more fun facts about my life story.

I was born in Tampa, FL, to parents from Jamaica and Venezuela, which makes me a first-generation American. I moved to Spring Hill, FL, when I was 4 years old. I spent most of my early childhood exploring different hobbies such as dancing, singing, playing guitar and cheerleading. I became home-schooled in middle school, and as I got older, I continued dancing and also started doing beauty pageants around the country. I was discovered by an agent at one of the pageants I competed in, so I started pursuing acting and modeling. This was the most exciting time of my life. I appeared in commercials for theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and I was an extra in the movie “Dolphin Tale 2.”

Anchoring the 2019 UF Homecoming Parade

I retired from dancing and pageantry when I was 16 years old, and I began attending Pasco-Hernando State College. It was awkward to transition from being home-schooled to being in a real classroom, but I made it. I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in December 2017. One month later, I started classes at the University of Florida, which was my dream school because of its broadcast journalism program. I’ve been attending UF ever since, and I am very involved in the College of Journalism and Communications. I am a news anchor for WUFT News, the treasurer of Journalism and Communications Ambassadors and a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council. If you would like to see more of my news experience, please take a look at my resume. I plan to graduate in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication with a specialization in news. I would like to take a gap year after my graduation to enjoy life and pursue acting again.

I chose to blog about the topic of health because I have always been interested in it. Because I live in a dorm without a kitchen, eating healthy is especially hard. However, I am always looking for ways to make it work. Whether it’s trying a new workout or a new restaurant, I love exploring the many ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, and I encourage you to explore my blog!

Published by Simona Rivero

Hi! My name is Simona Rivero, and I am a student at the University of Florida! Feel free to explore my blog:

10 thoughts on “My Autobiography

  1. Hi Simona! I really like the design of your blog it is very professional. I think health is such a good subject as it is hard to be healthy while being in college since you are constantly working. Great work!

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  2. Hi Simona! I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about you. You included useful information and tips that could help anyone in college stay healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I loved how you provided a story you produced by yourself in your blog about the lack of substance abuse counselors in Florida. You also provided great restaurant options that I am excited to check out.

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  3. Hi Simona! I think your experiences in the pageant world are so cool! Working hard in the newsroom, I know my personal fitness and health slack a lot, so thank you for writing on this needed subject for us newsies.

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